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Witch Hunt

9 Jan

One of the keystones of the Liberal version of 20th Century history is the 1950’s Anti-Communist Witch Hunt. Books have been written about it, films made about it, children are taught about it in school. It is an important part of the Liberal/Progressive collective self-image.

It is also largely bushwah.

The public perception of the Salem Witch Trials is based largely on the play THE CRUCIBLE in which teenage girls make baseless accusations against innocent people and cause their deaths. In point of fact the actual historical Trials had both more complicated causes and more complex endings. But THE CRUCIBLE, which was deliberately written to echo the author’s perceived persecution at anti-communism hearings, is routinely taught in public schools, and thus strongly influences the public perception of the Trials.  When something is described as a “Witch Hunt” it is tacitly understood that no actual “Witches” exist, and that anyone caught up in the hunt is an innocent victim. We Modern Educated People are invited to feel superior to those stupid Puritans who believed in witches, and to make the jump to believing that in the modern “Witch Hunt” we are being asked to condemn, there also isn’t any actual quarry. And in the case of the “Anti-Communist Witch Hunt” that simply isn’t so.

Under Stalin, the USSR’s intelligence apparatus ran dozens, possibly hundreds, of agents in the United State both during and after the Second World War. This is irrefutable; we have proof from Soviet era records as well as from contemporary intelligence intercepts. The American Communist Party was substantially funded by the USSR for years. Anger Hiss and the Rosenbergs were demonstrably guilty. Many, if not all, of the “victims” of the “Hollywood Blacklist” were passionate Stalinists who worked seriously, if probably ineffectually, for a Communist Revolution.

This isn’t to say that Senator Joe McCarthy was a hero. He was almost certainly a political bully and general jackass and any damage he may have done to International Communism seems likely to have been accidental. But to the Political Left he was an absolute gift. If he hadn’t been real, they would have needed to invent him.

Because, you see, without the myth that the hunt for Communist agents in the United States was an unjust persecution of enormous proportions the Left would have to face the fact that the Communists of that era were a selection of moderately stupid dupes of a genuine Monster. That, in turn, might force them to examine the stupidity of the later dupes who fell headlong for Mao, who was , if anything, an even bigger monster. And much of their cherished air of Moral Superiority would evaporate like morning mist on a hot summer’s day.

The facts are that there was some justification for various Leftist Socialist delusions at the beginning of the 20th Century, but that by 1950 anyone who wasn’t at least dimly aware that the USSR was a brutal dictatorship was ideologically blinded, or exceptionally stupid, or both. The Intellectual Left embraces Communism and related impositions because such systems hold out the mirage of a society run by Intellectuals. And never mind that the Intellectual Class of any nation that suffers a Communist Revolution is almost instantly liquidated by the thugs and psychopaths that always seem to end up actually running things.

The Western Intellectuals have been allowed to wrap themselves in false Moral Superiority for far too long. They are no improvement on any other self-selected elite of would-be aristocrats. They have not, in the West, ever, suffered anything like the persecution they deserve for promoting a system that spreads death and misery the way Communism does. They should be told in no uncertain terms that their Witch Hunt narrative is hogwash, their Moral Superiority bushwah, and their suitability to tell other people how to live as illusory as a syphilitic Bishop’s.

Film Ratings

19 Sep

I would like to propose that what is needed to improve the rating system for films is a wider rage of ratings. Herewith some examples, for your consideration;

CT (Child Television/Child Toy association; excessive cuteness may cause actual brain damage in adults) ; example: anything involving the Care Bears

TM (Teen Male; movie founded upon bare breasts and fart jokes; no one with an IQ over 80 will be admitted); example: PORKY’S

SB (Summer Blockbuster; more than 30% of screen time involves gunfire, explosions, or screaming. Earplugs recommended); example: most of Jerry Bruckheimer’s career.

A (Adult subject matter; actual plot and characterization, moderate historical accuracy, few if any explosions. No teens admitted under any circumstances, and audience members who insist on talking will be dropped from a great height.) Examples; THE LION IN WINTER, AMAZING GRACE, IKURU.



10 Mar

I haven’t watched network TV or cable for about a quarter of a century; the majority of narrative programs were moving to season-long story arcs and I just don’t have the stamina. I never did watch too much News anyway, and the pervasive “We aren’t biased at all, we just all happen to think Democrats are the bee’s knees” bias bored me. Give me good old fashioned “We’re right and the other side is Beelzebub” bias any old day; it makes for better writing.

I haven’t read a newspaper with any regularity since I moved out of the Washington D.C. area in 1998. In D. C. I read the Washington Times daily (Conservative Right bias), the Washington Post two or three times a week (Liberal Establishment bias), and the City Paper every time I happened to notice a new issue had come out (Receiving Radio Venus on their bridgework bias). I got multiple points of view and figured that the truth, if there was any, was somewhere in the middle. Rural PA doesn’t sport multiple newspapers, unless you count the free garage-sale ad sheets, which I don’t. The Washington Post doesn’t deliver up here. The New York Times, on top of a really obvious bias, is so badly written as to be unreadable. I read a lot off the internet, and figure that I’m out of touch anyway.

All of which leads me to ask; why are the tribulations of the truly vapid considered News? Why am I supposed to care that the marriage of two Hollywood types is turning into a slow motion train-wreck? Why does ANYBODY care? The evidence of history is that it won’t have any noticeable effect on their acting ability, if they have any. It certainly isn’t NEWS. It’s News when a Hollywood marriage DOESN’T turn into a death-cartwheel off a cliff into a patch of cactus.

Marriage is an unnatural arrangement, which is in its favor but also means that it will tend to break down between less-than-upright people, especially when they get distracted. Time was when a couple of moral lightweights who were married were expected to stay married and bitch about each-other to whatever friends they might have who would listen. Nowadays they are expected to divorce and bitch to reporters. I don’t think this constitutes an improvement.