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10 Mar

I haven’t watched network TV or cable for about a quarter of a century; the majority of narrative programs were moving to season-long story arcs and I just don’t have the stamina. I never did watch too much News anyway, and the pervasive “We aren’t biased at all, we just all happen to think Democrats are the bee’s knees” bias bored me. Give me good old fashioned “We’re right and the other side is Beelzebub” bias any old day; it makes for better writing.

I haven’t read a newspaper with any regularity since I moved out of the Washington D.C. area in 1998. In D. C. I read the Washington Times daily (Conservative Right bias), the Washington Post two or three times a week (Liberal Establishment bias), and the City Paper every time I happened to notice a new issue had come out (Receiving Radio Venus on their bridgework bias). I got multiple points of view and figured that the truth, if there was any, was somewhere in the middle. Rural PA doesn’t sport multiple newspapers, unless you count the free garage-sale ad sheets, which I don’t. The Washington Post doesn’t deliver up here. The New York Times, on top of a really obvious bias, is so badly written as to be unreadable. I read a lot off the internet, and figure that I’m out of touch anyway.

All of which leads me to ask; why are the tribulations of the truly vapid considered News? Why am I supposed to care that the marriage of two Hollywood types is turning into a slow motion train-wreck? Why does ANYBODY care? The evidence of history is that it won’t have any noticeable effect on their acting ability, if they have any. It certainly isn’t NEWS. It’s News when a Hollywood marriage DOESN’T turn into a death-cartwheel off a cliff into a patch of cactus.

Marriage is an unnatural arrangement, which is in its favor but also means that it will tend to break down between less-than-upright people, especially when they get distracted. Time was when a couple of moral lightweights who were married were expected to stay married and bitch about each-other to whatever friends they might have who would listen. Nowadays they are expected to divorce and bitch to reporters. I don’t think this constitutes an improvement.