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An Artist I Like

16 Apr

My parents tried to make sure that I grew up with an awareness of fine art. They took me to art museums, and there were art-history books in the house where I was sure to explore them. My tastes don’t match theirs exactly – they liked Mondrian, and I never saw the point – but I did develop a rudimentary eye. And one of the artists whose work was always around the house was Viktor Schreckengost.

We actually have an original Schreckengost in the house; a beautiful impressionist depiction of glassware on glass shelves. We also have several prints, including some of the greeting cards that my parents bought as they came out and saved. What I don’t have and miss is a poster of a wonderful sculpture Schreckengost did of Peter the Fisherman, joyfully listing up a net full of fish. It got lost sometime during the last few years of my Parents’ lives, and I miss it.

Peter the Fisherman

Vinyl Pulse: MINDstyle’s Madonna and Peter the Fisherman by Viktor Schreckengost.

I  stumbled onto a website commemorating Schreckengost’s life and work;


and so I thought I’d post it here, to share something that has always given me pleasure.