Stupid Argument

13 Feb

I recently caught a segment of a local radio talk-show featuring an argument that has, by my own count, been going on for at least a decade. It apparently comes around every year: the question of whether hunting is, or has ever been, a sport.

Now, the argument that hunting deer includes no trace of fair competition has some basis. But, regardless of what modern language has done with “Sport”, my understanding is that Sport originally almost always had to do with killing animals, or trying to kill people. Hunting or training for war. All less bloody sports came later. That’s simply how it is. Until very recently a “Sportsman” was a man with a gun (or a crossbow) over his arm.

So, can we debate whether hunting deer is humane? That’s an argument with two sides that actually make some kind of sense. Leave whether it is “Sporting” out of it. It may be that “Sport” has come to mean something else, but its origins were bloody. If the people arguing that deer hunting is bad were saying that it isn’t a sport as we now understand the term, it wouldn’t bother me so much. The assertion that it has NEVER been a sport betrays the encyclopedic historical knowledge of a mollusk. It is the kind of smug, ‘don’t you understand that I’m smarter than you?’ argument I am used to from certain elements of the Left that enrage me because they reveal the appalling ignorance of the speaker and taint a serious issue with idiocy.

One Response to “Stupid Argument”

  1. Southern Man February 13, 2014 at 7:21 pm #

    OK, I’ll open the “is deer hunting humane” discussion. Disclaimer: I don’t hunt (lacking both the necessary skill and patience) but I’ll join you in eating what you bring home.

    Why are you hunting deer?

    If it’s just to watch something die, it’s not humane. Also, wasteful. I don’t like waste.

    If it’s just to collect another rack – well, that’s not for me but I won’t object to your right to do so. I have friends who are deep-sea fishermen who catch large fish for no other purpose than to hang them on the wall. I’ll gripe about wasting good deer meat but won’t fuss to much about unconsumed marlin.

    If you’re going to harvest and consume the deer, or if you’re hunting to curb overpopulation, it would be hard to argue that it isn’t humane.

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