Film Ratings

19 Sep

I would like to propose that what is needed to improve the rating system for films is a wider rage of ratings. Herewith some examples, for your consideration;

CT (Child Television/Child Toy association; excessive cuteness may cause actual brain damage in adults) ; example: anything involving the Care Bears

TM (Teen Male; movie founded upon bare breasts and fart jokes; no one with an IQ over 80 will be admitted); example: PORKY’S

SB (Summer Blockbuster; more than 30% of screen time involves gunfire, explosions, or screaming. Earplugs recommended); example: most of Jerry Bruckheimer’s career.

A (Adult subject matter; actual plot and characterization, moderate historical accuracy, few if any explosions. No teens admitted under any circumstances, and audience members who insist on talking will be dropped from a great height.) Examples; THE LION IN WINTER, AMAZING GRACE, IKURU.


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