An apology for housekeeping.

10 May

I started this blog on another system, based on the existence of several blogs that I read with some regularity. I couldn’t make it work the way I wanted to, and eventually had to go to outside help to get what I wanted. By the time I did that, I had a lot of posts, thoughts, essays, and random blather that I wanted on the blog that were in the original system’s format. I asked the person I hired to help me to port those to this site, and she has done so. Now I need to sort through them, fix what I consider to be formatting errors (no blank lines between paragraphs, for example) and re-order them to my liking. And that leads me to this post.

Anything I post here will be subject to revision; not of CONTENT, but of spelling, punctuation, and formatting. If I revise or change my opinions, I will do another post and refer back to the original post. I may, from time to time, shift “posted” dates, for esthetic reasons.

Comments are subject to my review, and to banning. I hope to avoid banning anything but the obvious spam or the clearly libelous. We’ll see. Hell, it probably won’t be a problem. I’d LIKE to be as popular are some of the blogs I read, but it seems unlikely.


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