A Book I Wish Someone Would Write

19 Mar

I’m a video addict. I don’t have cable and haven’t watched network TV for decades, but I have whole walls full of DVDs. I like lots of different kinds of movies, mostly trash, and I like to know something about how they are made.

The development of the choreography of dance in film has been examined at length. So has the choreography of fighting, if not, perhaps, to the same extent. But it seems to me that the two must affect each-other, and so far as I know nobody has looked at that. 

It won’t be me. Whoever does it should be a dancer or a martial-artist or some kind of film-maker. Somebody with some expertise. I’m in my 50’s, I never got closer to practicing a martial art than gym class, I don’t dance, and I don’t work in film. But the subject is there, waiting…..



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